Lyra Growth Partners


Alistair Fraser

Alistair wants to grow your company and solve your most pressing operational challenges.

Prior to Lyra, he was a consultant with Parthenon-EY, where he designed a small country’s healthcare system, played war games in Japan and determined to the 97.5% confidence interval exactly how many pizzas were sold as a result of NFL football games. Just in case you were wondering, the answer is… a lot of pizzas.

Alistair is also a founding partner in a joint venture with the world’s largest farming cooperative in India. As a result, he owns a small slice of 400 acres immediately adjacent to a fully-functioning deep water seaport.

His career naturally progressed from an education in Atmospheric Physics at UW and business at Dartmouth. When not lying awake at night thinking about your company, he can be found skiing and climbing.