Lyra Growth Partners


Reese Davidson

Reese Davidson joined Lyra Growth Partners after a 3.5 year position as Charles Chang’s right hand at Vega. Essential to the set up and launch of Lyra, Reese has been a part of the organization from inception and has in depth knowledge of the business and what it takes to make it run successfully.

During her time at Vega, Reese was directly responsible for creating culture and supporting the triple bottom line approach that Vega is so famously known for. Reese’s role was pivotal during the sale of Vega to WhiteWave Foods, as she assisted with the creation of the CIM, directed due diligence and dealt with finalizing the transaction. Reese has expertise of the sales process from beginning to end, an asset that she now brings to Lyra.

Reese is a previous entrepreneur with 7 years in the online retail sector. She now uses her project management education and wide array of business administration and human resources skills to support her role at Lyra.

In her spare time she can be found at her cabin; skiing, kayaking, ATV’ing, dirt biking, and enjoying the outdoors. She enjoys perusing garage sales and antique shops for vintage finds, and furniture DIY. As a former gymnast, Reese now participates in acrobatics and trapeze. She is a wannabe Pinterest crafter, lacking the time to commit, but secretly covets those Martha Stewart moms!