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Smarter food labeling is here. Pinto’s new digital food label makes food information more transparent, personalized to what you care about, with visualizations designed to make food data simple and easy to navigate. They think of it as their ‘dream food label.’ With this application (available on the App Store), you get personalized information about foods, track your diet, achieve your goals, and search for specific foods unique to your needs and preferences.

This App Makes you a Personalized Nutrition Label for any Food
If you have special dietary needs (or are just on a specific diet), a new app called Pinto takes any nutrition label and pulls out the parts you care about.
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Keto? Vegan? Avoiding corn? There’s an app for that
The Pinto team partnered with Whole Foods Market, the Campbell Soup Co. and Kroger Co. to chronicle anything from added sugars to allergens or whether a product aligns with a number of niche diets or lifestyles.
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Can This Startup Make Money by Calling B.S. on Food Nutrition Labels?
Is it lactose-free? Diabetic-friendly? Is it vegan and Whole30-compliant? Is it paleo and gluten-free? Pinto promises accurate answers.
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This App Scans Food Labels in Seconds Flat to Ensure they’re Compliant with your Diet
The food-tracking platform Pinto aims to simplify and personalize nutrition info so more people can take their health into their own hands (and mouths and stomachs), sans confusion.
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Grocery Shoppers Can Scan Any Product For Personalized Nutrition Labels
Health app Pinto aims to personalize the process, scanning the nutrition facts via a bar code and then assessing them according to the users’ preferences.
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