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We are an investment partner supporting visionaries

We partner with founders building consumer brands of the future. We believe in stories, authenticity and transparency. Stark raving fans are a must.

We know that omnichannel is real and the digital revolution is really just getting started.

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What makes us different —

We’ve been in your shoes.

We’re founder-led and funded. We know firsthand what it takes, from garage startup, all the way through to the finish line.

We bring a robust playbook.

Our cross functional toolkit includes a broad array of value-added resources, advisors and industry specialists.

We’re flexible and invest our own money.

We listen to what companies and founders need and can call our own shots. No two of our partnerships are the same.

Values matter.

Alignment of our core values is essential. We believe in people and culture - any company’s real competitive advantage.

Rise Kombucha Products

“When working with Lyra, you have not only a financial investor, you have a true partner.”

Axel Kalbarczyk
CEO - RISE Kombucha

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What we love to see —

We invest in companies at the venture & growth stages.

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A Clear Vision

A Strong & Principled Team

An Engaged Fanbase

A Differentiated & Distruptive Brand

Digitally Focused & Omnichannel Savvy

Our focus

Health and wellness are at the forefront of everything we do.
We love all things plant-based and better-for-you.

Personal Care

Food & Beverage



A few of our investments

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Lyra Growth Partners knows what success takes.

Our CEO Charles Chang founded Vega and created an iconic lifestyle brand of clean, plant–based nutritional products. Vega was then sold to White Wave Foods for US$550 million cash.

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The Beginning


Charles started Vega (then called Sequel Naturals) from his basement. He financed it with his life savings, a second mortgage on his house and four credit cards. In the first year they sold $150K

The Journey


What is now known as Vega One was developed and sold in Canada


Vega enters the US Market


Raised growth capital from consumer-focused private equity firm


Company rebranded as Vega


Charles began leading the sale of Vega to White Wave Foods


As one chapter ends, another begins and so Lyra Growth Partners was born

The Now


Lyra Growth Partners exists to support the next generation of visionary entrepreneurs. We’ve partnered with some pretty amazing teams so far and are actively looking for more.

The Recognition

Vega and Charles have received many accolades, including:

Our Team

We’re a passionate team of founders, operators and investors with experience in successfully guiding brands to reach their full potential.

Meet the team

We want to hear from you; reach out. Let’s talk.