Lyra Growth Partners


Our Approach

Use A Brand–Centric

Keep A Common–Sense

Be Agile
And Flexible

Entrepreneurial Vision

Nurture Corporate

Management, Process
& Team For Scale Up

First and foremost, we are business operators — not financial engineers.

We invest our own money so we can do what we want, when we want, how we want without any fancy CYA stuff. No outside investors means no set funding timelines either. We are simply entrepreneurs looking to partner with other entrepreneurs to make a difference.

At Lyra, we live and breathe branding, marketing and everything consumer. We believe in stories, tribes, authenticity and transparency. We love better for you foods and beverages. Stark raving fans are expected. Omnichannel is real and the digital revolution is really just getting started. Let’s get closer to our consumers. People are our #1 sustainable competitive advantage and culture is king.

Most importantly, we’re genuinely nice folks whose core values include integrity, ownership, constant improvement and playing as a team. Oh, and we love to have fun too — at work and at play!

Our Difference

We align unfettered smart capital, brand–savvy coaching and a people–centred approach to help emerging consumer brands accelerate growth and maximize value.

Unfettered Smart Capital

We provide our partners non–institutional capital that is free from unrealistic expectations. Our flexibility and agility help keep our 1– to 2–page term sheets simple and strategic. From the onset, we make sure that our purposes are properly aligned and we have the patience for creating long–term success.

Brand–Savvy Coaching

Our coaching focus is on creating and strengthening a brand’s relationship with their fans. We bring disciplined rigour to streamline processes and engage all stakeholders within a vibrant brand culture that is actively cultivated. To ensure our mutual success, we also provide the necessary coaching for igniting both business and personal development.

People–Centred Approach

We believe that people make up a key competitive advantage for any brand. The care we take to nurture internal teams ultimately leads to dramatic increases in brand performance. By aligning values with objectives, we engage the heart to realize the vision that propels the brand.