Cargill Invests in PURIS!

We are proud to announce that Cargill, the world’s largest food ingredients supplier, has invested in PURIS, with goals to accelerate pea protein production for North American and global markets. Together, they will accelerate a new wave of great tasting, sustainable and label-friendly plant-based foods.

“PURIS is a game changer in terms of taste and vertical integration in pea protein,” said David Henstrom, vice president, Cargill Starches, Sweeteners and Texturizers. “Cargill is excited to expand into the emerging pea protein space while continuing to support our conventional agricultural crops. It’s clear that PURIS is in alignment with Cargill’s vision to meet the growing demand for protein globally and to help customers deliver label-friendly products without sacrificing taste.”

Consumers are looking for great taste, simpler labels and alternative sources of protein to solve their personalized nutrition choices. Manufacturers are turning to pea protein because of its functional and nutritional attributes. Pea protein offers a non-GMO, Certified Organic, allergen-friendly option that checks all the boxes consumers are looking for in label-friendly products. It’s also compatible with vegetarian and vegan lifestyles.

Cargill and PURIS’s partnership with allow PURIS to increase production by expanding to a second plant in the US which according to PURIS president Tyler Lorenzen, will allow PURIS to expand distribution on a global scale.

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